The Mayor's charities and events

Councillor Denise Cobb became the current Mayor of Brighton & Hove on the 23 May 2013.

The Mayor actively supports a number of worthy charities which operate Brighton & Hove, servicing the local community and greatly improving the lives of residents in the city. The Mayor's and fundraising events support the following charities:

Age UK Brighton & Hove is a local, independent charity. We offer a wide range of services and activities to maintain the well being of older people living in the city and its localities. This includes: Information and Advice, Nail Cutting, Help at Home, Counseling, Advocacy, Horizons (rehabilitation project), Crisis (emergency support following discharge from hospital or sudden illness). Most people are over 80. Our services help older people to maintain independence, and provide preventative, emotional and practical support for free or at affordable levels.   Finding money to maintain our services is a constant battle. About half of our funds come from NHS and local authority contracts. The rest we raise ourselves. We are proud to be one of the Mayor's chosen Charities of the Year.

The Argus Appeal is the charity of The Argus, Sussex’s only daily newspaper. The appeal works in the heart of our community and enables us to see first hand who is in need and to be able to make a difference quickly.  Our supporters trust the integrity of our work, the honesty with which we tell our stories and the decisions we make when allocating funds.   Support is given for a variety of benefits and causes, in particular disadvantaged children, the elderly, the vulnerable, people with disabilities and any other person, group or charity considered by the trustees to be appropriate for a fund allocation which will make a difference. Every penny raised goes to those in real need in our community.

The Martlets Hospice whose work touches almost every household in the city. It helps 1,000 people to live life as fully as they can, right up until the end. Expert clinical care is provided by highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses through the inpatient unit and the hospice at home service. Wherever possible, the peace, respect and dignity of patients are retained. The hospice receives only 29 per cent of its funding from the NHS and has to raise £9,000 a day through charitable means to keep its doors open. 

Off the Fence is a local Christian charity tackling poverty in our city.  The charity makes a real difference in the lives of many that are ‘at risk’ in our community.  Our mainline projects include:  ‘Antifreeze’, which is significantly impacting disadvantaged people and assisting them to break free from the cycle of homelessness and rough sleeping. We also help them regain integrity, social and economic independence; ‘Gateway’ a day centre and outreach care that provides long term support to vulnerable women and our schools; and ‘Youth Project’ preventing teenagers being excluded or isolated from school life. Your support is vital and life changing.

Rockinghorse Children’s Charity is best known for being the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and the Trevor Mann Baby Unit, where we raise money for life-saving and cutting-edge medical equipment, while ensuring that children are treated in an environment that is better suited to their needs. We believe no matter where they are, children should be allowed to be children. We do not receive any government funding and so we rely on the generous support of individuals, community groups, companies and trusts: people like you.

Upcoming Events

You can order and pay for tickets to the above events online using the link included below. Simply start by selecting the event you would like tickets to from the drop-down box and filling in your details.

Online Payment Process

Alternatively, you can pay by cash or cheque by contacting the Mayor's Office directly at or call on 01273 291225

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