Council property and land

hove town hall

Our property and design service manages the council's property and land portfolio.

Buildings within this property portfolio include

  • council owned commercial properties and farmlands
  • civic buildings including offices and town halls
  • non-housing council owned operational buildings (e.g. schools, social care, leisure and environment buildings)

Housing is not part of this portfolio. Find out more about housing managed by the council.

Government Transparency Agenda

We have published a list of council owned or occupied land and buildings and their key attributes under the Government's Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency (2013)

Public Sector Land and Property Map

Take a look at our interactive land & property asset map. This provides high-level details of the public sector's land and property assets in the city. (Please note the map does not include individual council houses and flats). This map is currently being reviewed to reflect the assets shown in the above list and an updated version will be published soon.

Please note that the public sector map and asset list represent high-level information from the asset registers of the Council and from data received from our partners. The council is only responsible for updating the assets owned or operated by the council. These are provided for general information only and should not be used for decision making. Specific ownership enquiries for the council owned or occupied assets can be sent to the property estates team at Enquiries concerning non-council owned assets should be sent to the estates team of the relevant partner organisation.

Asset Management Plan and Corporate Property Strategy (AMP) and Building Maintenance Strategy (BMS)

The AMP, BMS and annual property performance updates are available to download from the corporate asset management plan page. 

If you have you have any queries about the AMP please send an e-mail to: or contact us at:

Property & Design, Kings House, Grand Avenue, Hove. BN3 2LS.