Setting our budget - timeline of key dates

The council's spending plans for 2015/16 were voted on and agreed at the budget council meeting on 3 March 2015. An increase of 1.99% in the Brighton & Hove element of the Council Tax was agreed. For further details, download the papers for Budget Council on 3 March 2015.

Find out more about our budget proposals for 2015/16.

Timeline for setting our budget for the 2015/16 financial year

The budget setting process started in July 2014.

July 2014 - We agree the budget setting process

The Policy and Resources Committee met on 11 July to discuss the budget update and agree the budget setting process. 

October 2014 – We consult with residents and businesses

Consultation with residents and businesses begins. Use our budget tool to find out more about council spending and funding and feedback your thoughts. We’ll send a sample of residents a more detailed questionnaire asking for their thoughts on council spending and how we fund our services. Services will also be consulting about proposed changes that may affect their customers. Get details of all our current public consultations. We’ll be holding a business breakfast to consult with our business community.

The council will be consulting with Trades Unions and staff and ensure there is cross party involvement in reviewing finance and performance information.

November 2014 – We consider your feedback and present initial budget proposals

We’ll be consulting with the city’s youth council. We’ll review and analyse all the feedback we’ve received so far and we’ll start formal consultation with our staff.

The council’s budget proposals for 2015/16 budget are set out in a report to be discussed at the Policy & Resources Committee on 4 December 2014 (PDF 7MB). The report looks at three options, ranging from a Council Tax freeze to a Council Tax rise that would trigger a referendum.

December 2014 – We receive more details of our funding from central government and agree our Council Tax Reduction scheme

The Policy and Resources Committee will meet to consider the budget update, our budget strategy and savings proposals for the 2015/16 financial year. These will be considered alongside a draft corporate plan for 2015 to 2019.

Budget Scrutiny panels will consider the budget proposals.

The provisional Local Government Provisional Finance Settlement will be announced by the government.

Full Council will agree our Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme for 2015/16 (Council Tax Reduction schemes replaced Council Tax benefit as part of benefit changes brought in by national government in April 2013)

January 2015 – The ‘Tax Base Report’ helps us estimate our potential income from Council Tax and Business Rates

The Policy and Resources Committee will meet to consider the Tax Base Report, which estimates the number of chargeable properties in the city for Council Tax and Business Rates.

The government confirm the Local Government Finance Settlement.

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