Council budget for 2017/18

2017/18 Budget agreed by Full Council

Full Council met on 23 February 2017 and agreed our budget for 2017/18

An increase of 4.99% in the Brighton & Hove element of Council Tax was agreed. This includes an additional 3% precept to fund the increasing demands and cost of adult social care.

Find out more in our press release or get details below.

Our budget currently funds more than 700 services for people living and working in Brighton & Hove.

Our total budget for 2017/18 is £756 million. We expect that the amount we receive in Council Tax to increase by around £6.4 million. Even with an increase in Council Tax income, our overall budget is £4 million less.

Government funding for public services is decreasing and demand for our services is increasing.

Find out about the funding for Sussex Police and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service that is included in your Council Tax bill.

Watch the video playlist below to find out more about our budget and to hear from Warren Morgan, leader of the council.

Download a transcript of our budget animation (PDF 12.7KB). After the budget was set we recorded a video of Councillor Warren Morgan talking about the financial year ahead. Download the transcript for The financial year ahead 2017/18 (PDF 55KB)

Your questions about the budget

Councillor Warren Morgan, Leader of the Council, hosted a live budget Q&A on Twitter on Thursday 16 February.

You can look back on the Q&A using #AskBHbudget or by going to our Twitter Moment.

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