Electronic government is about using new technologies to deliver better quality and more accessible public services. It means doing things in new and different ways. This includes reviewing the way services are currently delivered and where appropriate, using new means of electronic service delivery such as the World Wide Web.

 The E-Government programme for Local Government, Local Government Online (LGOL), ran from 2000-2005. During this programme, we used technology to improve many of our council services, such as our Planning service. We also made many more forms and pages of information available on this website.

Progress towards E-Government targets was evaluated through an annual Implementing Electronic Government (IEG) statement. The final IEG statement was submitted in April 2006. Brighton & Hove City Council's IEG statements are available for download:

Although the LGOL programme has now finished, E-Government related work continues. Delivering modern, improved, accessible services is a huge undertaking that will involve the co-ordination and management of many inter-related projects over several years to come. Brighton & Hove City Council is committed to meeting this challenge and will continue to use technology to improve our services for the benefit of our citizens and customers.

For more information about the LGOL programme, please visit the Local e-Gov website.