Noise and pollution

Officers who respond to noise complaints and deal with pollution issues work in the Environmental Protection Team within Environmental Health & Licensing.  The primary aim of the service is to improve and protect public safety and the environment.

Park users helping to identify special quieter open spaces across Brighton and Hove
Across the bustling City of Brighton and Hove we have a huge variety of public parks and open spaces that residents and visitors alike can use to enjoy the outdoors  - whether it be for exercise or relaxation. Brighton and Hove City Council are working with Environmental Protection UK and Defra, towards finding open space that can be identified and designated as 'quiet areas' in terms of low (or no) noise from road traffic, railways, aircraft and industry. (This is to meet the requirements of ongoing national and European obligations to identify and protect quiet open spaces, for the well being and health of people in cities).

The survey is being circulated to community and friends groups around our parks. We also want anyone who uses our open spaces to let us know which of our open spaces and parks (or areas of a park or open space) they find quiet.  If you enjoy our parks and open spaces, please fill in this short survey to help us work towards identifying and retaining peaceful areas for relaxation.


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The Noise Abatement Society is currently working with the council to create a city ‘sound map’, which will be used to tackle noise problem hot spots.



Much ill-feeling is caused between neighbours by noise, which can lead to tension, anxiety and misery.  Over 3000 complaints about noise are received each year.

A weekend out of hours noise patrol operates on Friday/ Saturday and Saturday/Sunday between 10pm and 3am to react to noise problems.  The service can be contacted on (01273) 293541 during the above hours.


Officers that deal with pollution enquiries and complaints deal with issues relating to a number of different areas. These include:

  • land contamination.
  • air pollution from both industrial installations and motor vehicles.
  • pollution from bonfires and industrial/domestic chimneys
  • nuisance dust and odour problems arising from various sources including, construction projects and restaurant extraction systems.
  • Sea and inland water pollution is the responsibility of the Environment Agency and as part of this they monitor bathing water quality throughout the year.

Pollution related problems are also tackled through the LAPPC regime and the planning process.


Requests about environmental information, such as potentially contaminated land, air quality, noise and pollution incidents etc.

If you require information about:

  • Potentially contaminated land;
  • Air, water, soil, land, flora and fauna, energy, noise, waste and emissions;
  • Any decisions, measurements or activities that are affecting or likely to affect any of the above or;
  • Any financial and cost benefit analysis in relation to the above

Then such requests will fall under The Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Such requests must be submitted to the Council’s Freedom of Information Team either via:

The following link:,

By email:

Or by telephone: 01273 290000.

The Freedom of Information Team will then contact Environmental Health and any other relevant departments for your requested information.

As per the Regulations, provision of this information normally occurs within 20 days. However under certain circumstances, this could be extended to 40 days. Additionally, under the Regulations, there are some exemptions that may apply in the provision of information.


Contacting us

If you would like advice or information, you can telephone us on (01273) 292929 or email us at Alternatively, you can call into:

Customer Service Centre
Bartholomew Square
Street map: Bartholomew Square

Information & Advice Centre
Hove Town Hall
Street map: Hove Town Hall

If you need to contact someone out of office hours, an emergency service is available on (01273) 292229.