Rose bush memorials

Rose bush memorial

Garden of Remembrance

The rose beds are a prominent feature of the Garden of Remembrance at Woodvale and when in bloom bring a vibrancy of colour to the area. The rose bushes have been pre-planted and are available for selection in red, white, pink and yellow. Cremated remains can be strewn by appointment on the lawns nearby (a fee applies for this service).

Arranging a memorial

The memorial plaques (four by three inches) are made from perspex and coloured brown with white lettering. There is room for five lines of inscription with 20 letters and spaces per line. If it is important to you, please clarify what colour rose you may wish to have.

Woodvale rose plaques

The plaques are placed for an initial period of 10 years with the option to further extend this period. An additional plaque can be arranged to be placed next to an existing one by the memorial owner.

For current fees, please see our memorial charges (PDF 147KB).

If you would like to have a memorial at Woodvale, please either

View a larger picture of the memorial (PDF 5MB)

See other memorial options at Woodvale.

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