Memorials at Woodvale Crematorium

Woodvale Crematorium has two areas for commemoration

Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance

A beautiful Garden of Remembrance is provided at Woodvale. There are two distinct areas; the lawns, with flowering trees, shrubs and rose beds, and the woodland area.

(All memorial options are for a minimum period of ten years with the option to extend beyond that, unless stated otherwise):

  • Lawn Graves are a desk shaped tablet made from polished natural granite stone. This memorial type is a long term option for commemoration and suitable for burial of cremated remains. The period of ownership is for 50 years with an option to extend after that period expires.

  • Rose bush memorial plaques, a small stemmed plaque, can be placed next to a pre-planted rose. Cremated remains can be scattered on the lawn nearby.

  • A six foot, hand-built memorial seat with a cast bronze plaque can be put anywhere in the garden and cemeteries providing there is no reason for a bench not to be placed. Cremated remains can be scattered on the lawn nearby.

  • Flowering trees are occasionally available in the grounds. A small memorial plaque is affixed to a yorkstone plinth at the tree’s base. Cremated remains can be scattered on the lawn nearby.

  • Spring bulb commemoration is an option for people who wish to contribute to the garden after a scattering of cremated remains without having a memorial marker. The bulbs, daffodils or crocuses, are not planted to any specifically requested area.

  • Memorial plaques in the Children's memorial garden.

  • remembrance gardenLog memorial plaques – affixed to the logs lining the paths through the wooded area of the Garden. Cremated remains can be buried or scattered behind where the plaque is placed.

See also the options available in the Hall of Memory.

Opening times

The Garden of Remembrance and Hall of Memory are open every day of the year:

  • Monday to Saturday from 9.00am
  • Sunday and public holidays from 11.00am
  • The crematorium grounds are closed at 4.00pm during the winter and 5.30pm during the summer months.
  • The hall of memory closes 30 minutes before the crematorium grounds

Further information or advice may be obtained by contacting Bereavement Services. If you feel the information available on this web page could be improved in anyway, please let us know.