Memorial seats

Memorial seats can be provided within the grounds of Woodvale, or in any of Brighton & Hove City Council's cemeteries, pending approval on the exact location from the Memorials Officer.

Woodvale BenchSee a larger image (PDF 908KB)

The seat is a six foot wooden bench, handcrafted in the UK to high standard, with a cast bronze plaque (nine inches by two inches) attached to the top back rail of the bench. There is space on the plaque for four lines of inscription with 32 letters and spaces per line. 

Woodvale Bench Plaque

The memorial benches are placed for an initial period of 10 years with the option to further extend this period.The memorial will be repaired or replaced if damaged during the period of donation.

Arranging a memorial

For current fees, please see our memorial charges (PDF 147KB).

The memorial can take six to 12 weeks to be completed and the applicant will be notified when it is in place.

If you would like to have a memorial at Woodvale, please either

​​See other memorial options at Woodvale.