Memorial Panels in The Hall of Memory

The Memorial Panels can be found on the wall of The Hall of Memory (situated behind the North Chapel); a quiet and dignified area for reflection. Space is available for placing of cut flowers

woodvale hall of memory panels
The panels are approximately ten inches by two inches and mounted in frames, each holding eight memorials. They are made from dark blue Levant Morocco Leather with a hand tooled inscription and finished in 22 carat gold leaf. There is space for three lines of inscription with 20 letters and spaces per line in larger type or 28 letters and spaces in smaller type.

Woodvale Hall of Memory example Panel
See a larger image (PDF 578KB)

Arranging a memorial 

For current fees, please see our memorial charges (PDF 147KB).

The memorials take four to six weeks to arrange. The plaques are placed for an initial period of 10 years with the option to further extend this period.

If you would like to arrange a memorial, please either:

See other memorial options at Woodvale.

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