Children's Memorial Garden

Woodvale memorial gardenA quiet corner of the Remembrance Garden has been set aside as a Children's Memorial Garden, with raised flower beds containing spring bulbs and colourful shrubs surrounding a small lawn area. Cremated remains can be scattered and a small bronze memorial plaque fixed to the wall in commemoration. A small toy or personal memento may be placed on the raised walls.

The plaques are approximately three inches by two inches and made from cast bronze. There is room for a total of four lines with a maximum of 13 letters and spaces per line. The initial period of display is 10 years with the option to extend the memorial after that period for a further five years. 

Plaques in Woodvale memorial garden

See a larger image of the plaques (PDF 6.2MB)

Arranging a plaque

For current fees, please see our memorial charges (PDF 147KB).

The memorials take four to six weeks to be completed.

If you would like to have a memorial at Woodvale, please either

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