Community engagement in Brighton & Hove

What is community engagement?

Community engagement can be many things, from being consulted about something the council is thinking of doing to support for a project, or being involved in the delivery of a service.

This may include providing access to a variety of information, support, training, advice and signposting. It can also help communities get resources, funds, support and networks to enable ongoing development.

Delivered effectively, community engagement can:

  • Support people to take control over the issues that affect their lives. This can help lead to the development of social and economic opportunities to meet needs, and active and inclusive communities.
  • Increase understanding about the needs and priorities of different communities. This helps inform improvements to services, and the way they are delivered to ensure equality of access and value for money.
  • Increase involvement in local decision making and democratic processes.

Community Engagement Framework (CEF)

The Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership has developed a Community Engagement Framework for the city. The framework is the key reference for organisations that are members of the partnership.

The framework sets out the strategic aims and guiding principles for community engagement within Brighton & Hove and priority actions that need to be taken to improve practice.

For more information see the Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership website.

Working With Communities Training

Reward and Recognition Guidance

This Reward & Recognition Guidance is a toolkit for anyone planning to carry out engagement activities. It offers practical advice on how to appropriately acknowledge and value the participation of individuals and groups/organisations in these engagement activities.

During consultation around the Community Engagement Framework (CEF), respondents expressed the need for consistency around reward and recognition. It was stressed that this did not necessarily mean financial reward, but recognition of the value that their time, knowledge and expertise brought. Respondents requested common guidelines and minimum standards. The aim of this guidance is to help remove barriers for those service users who would like to engage with public bodies and should be used together with the CEF.

Download the Reward and Recognition Guidance (MS Word 144KB)

Good practice in Community Engagement

Below are some examples of good practice in community engagement work:

If you have an example of a piece of engagement work which you feel was particularly successful and would like to promote it here, you can download the Case Study Template (MS Word 20KB) or contact the Communities Team email at

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For more information about the Framework contact:

Communities, Equality and Third Sector Team, 
Brighton & Hove City Council, 
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