The Brighton Fund

The Brighton Fund provides one off awards to residents of The City of Brighton & Hove. 


  • All applications to the Brighton Fund must be made by support workers on behalf of clients who are residents of the City of Brighton & Hove.
  • We can help provide funding for large on off payments for; white goods, flooring, furniture etc. 
  • Applications are considered in three priority categories; Brighton residents over 60, Brighton residents under 60, all other residents of Brighton & Hove.
  • There is a £500 (before VAT) limit on all applications. We can provide partial funding for applications over this amount.
  • We cannot make awards to people who are currently homeless; please see the council’s page on homelessness  


You can complete an online application or print off a version to complete by hand. Please try to provide two quotes and as much information as possible about your client’s circumstances and what benefits the item/s applied for will have.

The Brighton Fund makes awards at monthly meetings of the Trustees. It can take up to a month for your application to be considered. We are not able to provide crisis loans under any circumstances. Our awards are in the form of cheques payable to the supplier or as transfers to departmental budgets within the council.

History of the fund

The Brighton Fund was formed in 1984 as an amalgamation of 11 existing funds. Brighton Borough Council (now Brighton & Hove City Council) became the custodian of the fund with four Councillors acting as the Trustees. The current Mayor is an ex-officio member and chair. The Trustees are appointed for four year terms.

The fund is an independent charity accountable to the Charity Commission. Registered Charity number - 1011724 

The 11 funds amalgamated into the Brighton Fund were:

  • The Charity of John Bates for meat, bread and coal, founded 14 July 1874
  • The Charity called The Henry Blackman Christmas Gift, founded 8 May 1939
  • The Abbey Brigden and Burrows Fund, founded 15 October 1903
  • The Charlie Charity, founded 1940
  • The Albert Edward Clinch Fund, founded 1940
  • The Adolphe Drincqbier Fund, founded 1915
  • The Katherine Georgiana Guilford Bread Charity, founded 30 March 1921
  • The Charity of Elize Nixon for the poor, founded 19 May 1925
  • Albert Edward Peter’s Charity
  • The Charity of Ema Rosenthal for the poor, founded 13 April 1932
  • The Edward White New Century Fund