Compelling medical or other exceptional reasons to attend a school

school admissions8

The purpose of this priority is to give priority to pupils with a specific need that can only be met by one school rather than any other.  If there are medical reasons that make it essential for your child to attend a particular school, you must provide supporting information from a doctor together with any other relevant information when you make your application.

This must make a compelling case as to why your child's needs can only be met at the preferred school as a medical condition, in itself, will not automatically result in priority being given.

For this reason, allocations against this priority are rare.  It is not essential for the doctor to name the school in question but the evidence should explain exactly what the child's needs are and what specialist support and/or facilities your child requires. We will seek advice from the consultant community paediatrician who, in most cases, will only agree medical need for a school place if a child has a statement or EHCP as a result of their medical situation.

If you want a place at a specific school for other exceptional reasons, you must provide independent evidence from a professional who is supporting your family.  This should demonstrate that it is essential for your child to attend the preferred school and no other.  Advice may be sought from relevant professionals, where necessary, to determine whether or not the evidence you have provided is sufficiently compelling to qualify under this category.

The supporting evidence you send needs to set out the particular reasons why the school in question is the most suitable and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school.

It is not essential for the professional supporting your family to have in depth knowledge of your preferred school but the evidence should explain exactly what your child needs and what specialist support and/or facilities your child requires.

It is vital that you support any supporting evidence for compelling medical or other exceptional reasons for admission by the closing date.  It is up to you to provide this evidence.

The school admissions team will not seek information about your child or telephone people on your behalf.  The decision will be based solely on the information you send in.

If the evidence you supply is not considered compelling enough to be included in this priority, your application will be considered under priority 3, 4 or 5 as appropriate.

All correspondence will be treated as private and confidential.

If you do not want your preferred school to see your supporting medical or other evidence or if you are applying for a school place online, you can send supporting documents by post or provide scanned copies, with a covering email giving your application reference, to the school admissions team.  Alternatively, you can reply to the confirmation email generated when you submit your online application with the supporting documents attached.

If we do not receive this information by the closing date, we will not be able to consider your child under this priority, unless it relates to a change of circumstances (such as a new diagnosis) which has occurred since the closing date.