Transferring school at other times

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If you wish to apply for a change of school, you can do so online or by using an in--year preference form.

How will my application for a transfer be dealt with?

  • Available places at community schools will be offered in accordance with the council’s admission priorities. Own admission authority schools will use their own admission priorities.

  • If we cannot meet any of your preferences we will suggest that your child remain at his or her current school. If this is not feasible because you have moved house, we will offer a place at the nearest school to your new home which has a vacancy in the appropriate year group. You may wish to discuss alternative places with the School Admissions Team.

  • If we cannot offer you a place at your first preference school when you apply, your child’s name will be added to the waiting list for that school. If a place becomes available for your child before the beginning of the next term, it will be offered to you. If a place has not become available for your child by that point, his or her name will be removed from the waiting list. If you wish your child to remain on the waiting list, you will need to contact us to arrange this. The waiting list is then renewable on a termly basis.  You will need to contact us at the end of each term to confirm you wish to renew, or your child’s name will be removed.

  • You have the right to appeal to the Independent Appeal Panel if you do not get the place you want. You may appeal after you have received the email or letter notifying you of the school allocation.

  • If you do not contact the school to accept a place offered by the date specified in the allocation email or letter, the place will be given to another applicant.

  • School transfers normally take two weeks to arrange and places are allocated for the next available half term. To ensure this is possible (providing a place is available), please make sure the School Admissions Team receives your form by the last Friday of the school holidays. If your house move does not tie in with this timescale you will be able to start school in the middle of the term.

  • To receive a decision before the end of a particular half term, you will need to apply two weeks before the end of that half term. 

  • To receive a decision for September allocation before the end of the summer term you will need to return your form before the third Friday in June.  September allocations will be made from summer half term onwards so it is a good idea to return forms for this type of transfer before that.

  • If transfer forms are received during term time, the School Admissions team will allocate a place at a school, but this will be for the next available half term. 

Please note: these arrangements refer to community schools. Church aided schools, academies and free schools have their own admission arrangements that are controlled by the school governors, you should contact the school for further details.

Transfer for behavioural or disciplinary reasons

Occasionally it is thought to be in a child’s best interests to change schools because of his or her behaviour, or because he or she is unable to follow the school’s disciplinary code. Such a move may be agreed with parents on a voluntary basis, but sometimes a child may be permanently excluded from a school. If this is considered necessary, there will be an opportunity for parents to discuss the matter fully with the Headteacher of the child’s present school and officers from Brighton & Hove City Council.

Parents/carers have the right to appeal against exclusion, and they will normally be able to express a preference for a new school. However, if a child has been permanently excluded for a second time the parent/carer does not have the right to express a preference for a new school for a period of two years following the second exclusion.