Further information about applying for a school place

school admissions1

Tie break

If there are more children applying than places available in any given priority, the available places will be offered to those children living closest to the school, up to the published admission number. Home to school distance will be measured by the shortest route from the child’s home address to the nearest of the school’s gates.

This will be measured by specialist computer software based on ordnance survey and postal address data. It measures using the road network supplied by ordnance survey and some other public rights of way which are paved and lit.

Check your home to school distance measurement and the route used

If you would like us to consider adding a footpath, you will need to request this by contacting the school admissions team before the closing date.

  • Late requests for footpaths will not be accepted.
  • Routes across public parks or open spaces will not be accepted.

When using roads for measurement purposes, the computer measures along the middle of the road. It measures from the address point in your property to the nearest point on the road network and from there to the nearest of the school’s gates to the child's home. No other measurement systems will be used for school admissions decisions.

Where the home addresses of two or more children are an equal distance from the school (eg, two children living in the same block of flats) and only one place remains available at the school in question, the place will be allocated randomly to one of these children.

    Children who live on boats / traveller children

    If you and your child live on a boat or a traveller site and there is no ordnance survey / postal address data for your home, we will measure the distance to the site or marina.

    Twins / multiple births (or siblings within the same year group applying for the same school)

    No special priority is given for the admission of these children. If it is possible to offer a place at the preferred school to one of the children because it is the last place remaining, both (or all) children will be offered a place. Please indicate clearly on each child’s preference form if they have a twin or other same year sibling also applying.