Children with a sibling link


This will apply if there is another child living in the same household as your child who, in September 2018, will be attending your preferred school.

  • Where separate junior and infant schools are linked the sibling may be at either school and may be older or younger.

  • If you have two children, of whom one is due to start junior school and the other infant school in September 2018, the junior school child’s allocation will be done first and a sibling link will count for the infant child.

  • A sibling link is only taken into account if children live at the same address and the sibling has already been allocated a place at the school.  Twins or multiple births do not qualify for the sibling link unless one child has already been offered a place.

  • Where a sibling attends a Nursery class on the same school site, it will not be counted as a link for admissions purposes.

  • You may be asked to supply proof that your child has a sibling at the same address who attends the school. This will normally be a copy of both children’s medical cards, showing the same address or a copy of your child benefit or tax credit statement showing both children’s names.