Family CAF Resource Page

A place for workers to get Family CAF guidance, tools, templates and information on other services.

Family CAF paperwork and guidance

Here are Family CAF forms for the assessment [word 141kb], plan [word 66kb] and review [word 78kb]. We have also developed a CAF Assessment Priorities Wheel [word 25kb] and Conversation Cue Cards [word 35kb] for use when completing an assessment.

The Family CAF process is explained in the Frequently asked questions [word 43kb]

There is a Prompt Question Sheet [word 54kb] which workers can use to support parent/carers in answering questions on the assessment form.

Information on how to talk to families about Family CAF [word 43kb] and getting children’s views [word 29kb] are also available.

Quality and performance

Practice standards have been developed to guide workers of best practice when undertaking assessments, plans and reviews. These are set out in the audit templates which managers can use to help monitor and audit assessments [word 29kb], plans [word 28kb] and reviews [word 28kb] of their staff as appropriate.

Examples and case studies

Here is a good example [word 291kb] of a Family CAF.

Team Around the Family (TAF)

To support workers in holding TAFs we have produced the following:

TAF statement of purpose [word 29kb]

TAF agenda [word 28kb]

Questions to consider at a review [word 27kb]

Flow chart for setting up a TAF [word 28kb]

TAF meeting recording template (1) [word 31kb]

TAF meeting recording template (2) [word 26kb]

Guidance on the role of the Lead Professional [word 28kb]

Letter templates

The following letter templates have been produced to save workers time:

Pre-school transfer request for information [word 24kb]

Generic request for information [word 25kb]

Invite to a TAF from family [word 26kb]

Letter to a GP [word 26kb]

Family CAF leaflets

Family CAF leaflets for young people [PDF 870kb] and parent/carers [PDF 767kb] are available for workers to share with families they are working with.

Support for schools during the holidays

During the school holidays, school staff can request support during the school holiday period by completing a request for support form [word 29kb]


The Family CAF team have produced a newsletter [word 83kb] to keep workers informed of the latest Family CAF related news.

Information on other services

Service contact list for pre-referral consultation [word 32kb] with ACAS, CAMHS, housing, the parenting team and Seaside View.

Use the Children Centre team finder [word 84kb] to find the local children's centre of a family you're working with.

Advice, Contact and Assessment Service (ACAS) [word 29kb] for information about services for children and young people who are vulnerable or at risk.

CAMHS [PDF 177kb] guidance for referrers to Brighton & Hove Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Information on CAF and referrals to Seaside View [word 27kb]

CAF transfer process [word 24kb] from health visiting to schools

Youth referral process [word 703kb]

Youth Employability Service (YES) briefing for partners [word 586kb]


Housing Options - what we can and can’t do [word 54kb]

Housing guide for who to contact with housing issues [word 53kb]

16 & 17 year olds Housing Options and CAF flowchart [word 368kb]

18plus Housing Options and CAF flowchart [word 368kb]

18plus Advice & Assessment Team CAF flowchart [word 365kb]


Information on ICT developments to CAF barriers [word 56kb]

Further information

For further information or queries please contact the Family CAF support office on (01273) 292632 or email