Early Help Conference

Early help conference

The Local Safeguarding Children's Board (LSCB) Early Help conference was held on Tuesday 8th December 2015.

The conference was part of the Learning Together to Safeguard the City fortnight organised by the LSCB, the Safeguarding Adult's Board and the Safe in the City Partnership.

Please read the programme for the day (MS Word 39kb) and two of the presentations

- Effective evaluation and intervention (PDF 406kb)

- Troubled Families Programme (PDF 810kb)

- Early intervention (PDF 2MB)

Workshop groups

Red group (MS Word 24kb)

Green group (MS Word 24kb)

Blue group (MS Word 16kb)

Yellow group (MS Word 16kb)

Evaluation form

LSCB Early Help conference evaluation postcard (MS word 80kb)

Further background reading

Conference attendees may also be interested in the following documents

 - Outcomes Plan for Phase 2 of the Stronger Families, Stronger Communities Programme (MS Word 44kb)

- Children's Services Directorate Plan 2015/16

- The Children's Centre and Youth Service review papers that were presented to Children, Young People and Skills Committee in November 2015

- The report from the recent Ofsted inspection of local authority children's services and the review of the LSCB

- Participation and Engagement Strategy 2015-18 (PDF 114kb)

- Early Help Strategy