Help with applying for a school place

The School Admissions team manage applications for primary and secondary schools and you can apply online for a school place for your child.

You can also search our online online directory for information about local schools.

Need extra help?

Some parents and carers might need help with the applications and appeals process. This could be because you:

  • do not speak English as your first language
  • have recently moved to the area
  • move around a lot
  • are not happy with the school you have been offered a place at
  • just need to some extra help

The Family Information Service has a School Preference Adviser who can help any families needing support. The adviser can help you complete the application form online, explain the admissions process for different schools or advise you on making an appeal.

The School Preference Service is totally impartial and separate from the School Admissions Team.

Contact the School Preference Advisor.

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