Healthy Choice Awards

The Healthy Choice Award is a joint initiative between Brighton & Hove City Council and the Food Partnership that aims to improve the quality of meals and snacks eaten outside the home. Food businesses can access free nutrition advice, information and help to review menus. The process is designed to support businesses to create dishes that are both tasty and nutritious.

Once awarded, you will be given a certificate to display and can use the Healthy Choice Award logo in your publicity – showing customers you are committed to serving great food.

Healthy Choice Awards are available for food businesses operating in a range of settings.

Cafes, restaurants and takeaways

If you own or manage a café, restaurant, takeaway, pub, venue or workplace canteen, you can contact the Food Safety team for information about the awards available and for guidance to support healthy catering.

Early years, breakfast clubs and residential care settings

If you work in one of these settings, and are interested in applying for the award, please visit the Food Partnership website for further information or click on the relevant link below for details of how to apply:

The Healthy Choice Award in these settings aims to recognise those that serve varied, nutritious and age appropriate menus. If you want to go the extra mile, further recognition is provided through the Healthy Choice Award Gold - a supplementary stage offered to those working towards nutritional and nine key sustainability standards.