Healthy Choice Award

Healthy Choice Award

The Healthy Choice Award is a joint partnership between the Food Safety team, the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and the Brighton and Hove NHS which looks at snacks and meals offered to children in the early years setting and school breakfast clubs as well as elderly people in care or residential homes.  Working together, the joint partnership aims to improve the quality of snacks and meals offered.  Specialist nutritionists from the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership provide help and guidance to businesses wishing to achieve a Healthy Choice Award.  Only once a full assessment that meals offered are the healthier option and are as low as possible in salt, fat and sugar, is a Healthy Choice Award granted.

What is the Healthy Choice Award?
What is Healthy Choice catering?
Current award holders
Are you a food business involved in early years settings or care homes interested in applying for the Healthy Choice Award?

What is the Healthy Choice Award?

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The Healthy Choice Award is based on general healthy eating principles. Not everything on the menu needs to be healthy for a business to apply. The award is designed to help people easily identify business offering healthy food - the Healthy Choice Award is the sign of healthier food!

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What is Healthy Choice Catering?

Working in partnership with businesses involved in Early Years settings or Care Homes, nutritionists help develop healthy choices on their menus: from simple changes like offering salad dressings on the side and fresh fruit desserts, to changing cooking methods to increase nutritional content.

The Healthy Choice award application forms for both the Early Years and Residential Care Homes are based on a food group approach to menu planning.  All conditions need to be met to achieve an award.

Children's nurseries which only serve snacks rather than more substantial meals may be eligible for a Healthy Choice Award.

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Current Award Holders

To see a list of the current award holders click on the relevant link for the area you are interested in.

Children's Nurseries

Care Centres

School Breakfast Clubs

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How can I find out more about the award?

If you are a business then see Healthy Choice Award for Business

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