Food hygiene rating scheme

Find food hygiene ratings for Brighton & Hove premises on the national food hygiene ratings scheme website

Have you ever wondered about the hygiene of a top restaurant's kitchen? Or how safely the pub grub you are about to tuck into was prepared before it reached your plate?

We think you have the right to know the food hygiene standards of food businesses, so we make results of food safety inspections publicly available.

Since 1 March 2012 businesses in Brighton & Hove have been included in the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS).

iPhone and android phone users can now access FHRS ratings. The new ‘Food Hygiene Standards’ App can be downloaded free from i-Tunes or from the Google Play store.

The national FHRS builds on the success of the Scores on the Doors pilot scheme. The national scheme includes more businesses. For example we now inspect businesses serving less than 20 meals a day, such as small B&Bs and shops which sell wrapped food (although there are some exemptions). These businesses also now receive a food hygiene rating following inspection.

Food outlets are inspected by the Food Safety Team to check that their hygiene standards meet legal requirements. The standards found at these inspections are rated on a scale ranging from zero at the bottom (which means 'urgent improvement necessary') to a top rating of five ('very good').

Food hygiene ratings scheme - ratings from zero to five

Food businesses in the city receive a sticker and certificate and encouraged to display these at the entrance to their premises to make customers aware of their standards. Customers can then use this information to choose if they want to buy food from the outlet.

The frequency of food safety inspections varies from every six months to three years. We decide the frequency of inspection by the risk posed by the food business. We use a nationally agreed scoring process to calculate this risk.

We notify each premises of their rating in writing within 14 days of an inspection. Businesses can appeal and have a 'right to reply' to give their view on their food hygiene rating. Businesses can also request a re-visit and a re-score if they have made the necessary improvements.

If you are a food business operator and want to find out more about this process then please go to our Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Safeguards for businesses page.

FHRS data is also available via an application programming interface (API) in XML (this can be opened in Excel) and JSON formats.   Details of this may be found at:  With this open access to ratings information, the data is readily available and free for any third party to use.  Developers can, for example, use it for apps or food businesses with multiple outlets can use it as a management tool to assess performance across their chain.

You can download the free food hygiene ratings app from Google Play (Android) and iTunes.

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If you have any queries about the national food hygiene ratings scheme then please follow the links above. If you feel your question is still unanswered please contact our Food Safety Team on (01273) 294416 or email